These are made for cruising. They’re stylish and fun, with a relaxed riding position, forgiving steering, and a low center of gravity for easy control.

Classic Styling

These are the motorcycles you see when you close your eyes: perfect proportions and premium finishes.

An Easy Ride

Smooth power combines with a lightweight frame and low seat to make these motorcycles accessible, even to smaller or new riders.

Fun Like No Other

Cruisers are defined by powerful engines in a minimal package. They are great options for new riders, but still exhilarating for seasoned pros.

A Personal Touch

A cruiser can be personalised to be the exact motorcycle you want, with an array of useful and stylish accessories like exhaust, seats, storage, and mirrors.


Indian Motorcycle redefines the iconic American cruiser. They are the perfect blend of old and new — a timeless design supplemented with modern technology, performance, and zero compromises.


With its authentic design, the cruiser’s craftsmanship nods to America’s past. One look and you know the detail that goes into being an Indian Motorcycle classic.

Behbehani Wheels - Road 1213 - Salmabad - Kingdom of Bahrain